Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Shortlist for Space and Time

I recall saying that my shortlist for Space and Time songs made an excellent playlist in itself (to my mind anyway) ... well whilst I'm sat listening to my possible songs for 'Injustice' I thought I might as well share it.

Black Eyed Boy - Texas - contains the phrase 'you're all space and time' and was the song that immediately sprung to mind when the theme was announced.

1 o'clock - Space - A personal favourite - it is about a time and from a band called 'Space' - could there be a better fit for the theme?

Time - Pink Floyd - too long to be submitted, but had to be on there.

Biding My Time - Pink Floyd - I was introduced to this before I knew much Pink Floyd and asked to guess who the band was - it wasn't until the scorching guitar at the end that I realised it was Pink Floyd - a great track and a builder - would have been right up Mick's street as it has a strong blues element to it, and I tried my best to persuade him to use it instead of 'Set the Controls ...'

The Ground Walks With Time In A Box - Modest Mouse - this again was just too long, but is a very catchy track - I'd love for people to give it a listen.

High Time - The Icicle Works - An old favourite, but I don't think it was ever going to make it on to the CD.

Killing Time - Me - My favourite of my own songs, and about a black hole. I didn't have the bottle to put it up alongside everyone else's great tracks.

There Comes A Time - Martin Stephenson - One of my favourites of his songs - and it would have been fairly appropriate as he made an appearance at the Brothers Arms for an Extra-Ordinary First Thursday.

Time Flies - Porcupine Tree - again too long - perhaps Franck and Pete H (maybe Mick L) would have appreciated it. Howard has heard it before.

Time Of My Life - Toploader - another personal favourite.

Hello Earth - Kate Bush - a great song from a great album - was perhaps a bit too mellow.

Planet Sizes - Steve Mason - I loved this song when Neil introduced it in one of the collaborative playlists we drew up for (which probably holds the secrets to many of my song selections) I was pleased that Neil didn't put it the CD on as it meant I could.

The Killing Moon - Echo and The Bunnymen- what a track. Came close to being a selection, but I just thought it was maybe a bit too well-known.

Spaceman - The Killers - good but not really a contender for selection.

Planet Earth - Duran Duran - an old favourite - we used to play it in our band, but have dropped it now.

Round The Universe - Seahorses - another great song

Comets - Fanfarlo - A good song, but not one my favourite Fanfarlo songs.

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