Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CD 11 - Launch

Here is a copy of the launch email for CD11 (I have a title in mind, but won't reveal it just yet in case it might influence people's choice of tracks).

We now have a topic and so can get on with thinking up contributions for CD 11 which is to be on the theme of Europe. The link between your track(s) and the theme can be as obvious or a subtle as you with - anything by Franz Ferdinand would count because a) the significance of the name in European history, but also b) because 'Franz' sounds like France. You get the idea. Your song(s) could of course reflect your opinion on the issues of the day. Perhaps on slightly shakier grounds, anything from a musical act from the continent might fit in with the spirit, but I think we'd have to make an exception for UK acts.

For the last CD, I also said that if there was a track you really wanted to share and it didn't fit in with the theme, and it is your only track, they that would be allowable and I'll stick with that. If you can manage to find 2 or more tracks that fit within the time allowance then at least one of them should be on theme.
We have an allowance of 5 minutes and 20 seconds each as there should be 15 of us.

Deadline ... Friday 24th June! Please can you let me have your contributions by then.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Drink Cider from a Lemon?

Whilst driving back to Sheffield with Rob, listening to IntoXicat10n, I may have been singing along to 'Buck Rogers' and it got the lines 'Get a house in Devon, Drink cider from ...': well of course I sang 'Eleven' because a) it rhymes with Devon and b) kind of makes sense in that it's opening time.
Rob said 'Eleven?' I always thought it was 'Drink cider from a lemon - that's what it sounds like', so we rewound the song and had a listen, and sure enough it did sound like that, but that wouldn't make nearly as much sense as 'cider from eleven'.

The following day, Neil and Rob were discussing the CD, and Rob told Neil about the misheard lyric and Neil said 'I always thought it was lemon too', so they came to tell me this and full of confidence, I typed 'drink cider from eleven' into Google. The first screen didn't look promising for me, with many references to 'drink cider from a lemon' appearing, and in fact outnumbering 'drink cider from eleven'.

One of the links caught my eye http://www.kissthisguy.com/well-get-a-house-in-devon-drink-cider-fr-misheard-7676.htm and actually led to a web page of misheard lyrics where users can submit their own entries - someone else had obviously thought the same as me. It's quite amusing to see that when you submit an entry, you get to specify whether you managed to convince other people that your misheard lyric was correct.

What a daft line anyway.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

CD 10 - And the votes are in ...

A big congratulations to everyone - we managed to get the votes in on time, although for some it went a little close to the wire. See, it can be done!

So, the results are:

CD Club #10 - IntoXicat10n Awards
Track No. Title Artist Chosen By
1 Bruces' Philosophers Song Monty Python Simon 7
2 Anytime Anyplace Anywhere Carter USM Neil 45
3 Buck Rogers Feeder Rob 52
4 Pump it Up Elvis Costello Chris 46
5 Closing Time Semisonic Simon 64
6 A Bar in Amsterdam Katzenjammer Chris 42
7 For the Price of a Cup of Tea Belle and Sebastian Katja 36
8 Сумецкая (Sumetskaya) Отава ё (Otava Yo) Pete H 14
9 Fifteen Years The Levellers Simon 70
10 Phaedra Tangerine Dream Mick L 0
11 Down the Dip Aztec Camera Howard 22
12 Drink to Moving On Grand National Jim 17
13 Waterfall The Stone Roses Jasper 47
14 Sequent C' Tangerine Dream Mick L 0
15 Prelude and Yodel Penguin Café Orchestra Howard 21
16 Lightning Bar Blues Arlo Guthrie Mick L 13
17 Major Tom (Coming Home) Peter Schilling Katja 42
18 Hurricane Drunk Florence and the Machine Rob 41
19 We're Gonna Win Bryan Adams Allan 7
20 Have a Drink on Me AC/DC Pete H 17
21 Tequila Drinkin' Blues, (All Nite Late Bar) The Seers Neil 11
22 Whiskey in the Jar Metallica Allan 36
23 Born Slippy .NUXX Underworld Nick 46

So, Simon is the clear winner for 'Fifteen Years' - a track which Neil had previously selected, but had then said that he had another option if anyone went for any of his. Well someone did, and Neil therefore replaced his with The Seers and the rest is history.

So, on to the second place ... Simon again with Semisonic in a stunning 1-2. This also means that Simon wins the most valued overall contribution too!

The Bronze medal goes to newcomer Rob for Buck Rogers, and an interesting little digression surrounds that track, which I may save for a separate entry.

Next to mention - Katja takes the medal for best guesser of who put on what, with an amazing 8/23 or 6/21 if you discount her own tracks. Next closest was Neil with 6/23 or 4/21.

I think 'Born Slippy' deserves a mention for several reasons: At least three of you wanted to put it on. It is over the time limit, but there was just enough space left on the CD to fit the full version on, so that was the decision taken, poor Nick had to wade through 22 other songs before getting to hear his choice, and most people seemed to think it had been put on by 'Techno' Jim (who was actually one of the others to suggest the track).

And so on to the wooden spoon - or double-headed wooden spoon as Mick chose to call it! I think most people wondered what the Tangerine Dream tracks were on there for, and I certainly struggled to know where to place them. As an aside, I think the link between Sequent C' and Prelude and Yodel is one of my favourites on the CD.

A few people avoided being identified as the originator of their track entirely - I almost made it with both of my tracks, but Neil pegged me for Katzenjammer, as well he might given that it had featured on the whatswrongwiththemainstream.blogspot.co.uk site that we both contribute to.

Whiskey in the Jar nearly featured multiple times, but I don't think Pete was going for the Metallica version.

Mick Lewus managed to get 'Blues' into one of his song titles, but so did Neil.

Pete H's Otava Yo track took some tracking down until I copied the Cyrillic characters one by one from character map into a Google search to reveal the westernised translation.

All that remains now is for us to decide on when to start the next CD off after Simon has chosen a theme.

Cheers and thanks,