Saturday, June 11, 2016

Drink Cider from a Lemon?

Whilst driving back to Sheffield with Rob, listening to IntoXicat10n, I may have been singing along to 'Buck Rogers' and it got the lines 'Get a house in Devon, Drink cider from ...': well of course I sang 'Eleven' because a) it rhymes with Devon and b) kind of makes sense in that it's opening time.
Rob said 'Eleven?' I always thought it was 'Drink cider from a lemon - that's what it sounds like', so we rewound the song and had a listen, and sure enough it did sound like that, but that wouldn't make nearly as much sense as 'cider from eleven'.

The following day, Neil and Rob were discussing the CD, and Rob told Neil about the misheard lyric and Neil said 'I always thought it was lemon too', so they came to tell me this and full of confidence, I typed 'drink cider from eleven' into Google. The first screen didn't look promising for me, with many references to 'drink cider from a lemon' appearing, and in fact outnumbering 'drink cider from eleven'.

One of the links caught my eye and actually led to a web page of misheard lyrics where users can submit their own entries - someone else had obviously thought the same as me. It's quite amusing to see that when you submit an entry, you get to specify whether you managed to convince other people that your misheard lyric was correct.

What a daft line anyway.

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