Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CD 11 - Launch

Here is a copy of the launch email for CD11 (I have a title in mind, but won't reveal it just yet in case it might influence people's choice of tracks).

We now have a topic and so can get on with thinking up contributions for CD 11 which is to be on the theme of Europe. The link between your track(s) and the theme can be as obvious or a subtle as you with - anything by Franz Ferdinand would count because a) the significance of the name in European history, but also b) because 'Franz' sounds like France. You get the idea. Your song(s) could of course reflect your opinion on the issues of the day. Perhaps on slightly shakier grounds, anything from a musical act from the continent might fit in with the spirit, but I think we'd have to make an exception for UK acts.

For the last CD, I also said that if there was a track you really wanted to share and it didn't fit in with the theme, and it is your only track, they that would be allowable and I'll stick with that. If you can manage to find 2 or more tracks that fit within the time allowance then at least one of them should be on theme.
We have an allowance of 5 minutes and 20 seconds each as there should be 15 of us.

Deadline ... Friday 24th June! Please can you let me have your contributions by then.

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