Sunday, April 5, 2020

CD Cup Part II

Following on from some of the discussions we had during the Virtual First Thursday, I have a bit more of a clue about the form the CD Cup will take.

Round 1 … I have 18 names … this will correspond to 8 ties … 6 of these will be head to head, the other two will be two groups of 3, with only the winner going forward.

Jocky has selected the theme which we will use for the first two rounds, and the theme is 'Guilty Pleasures' … so songs which you like even though you perhaps shouldn't. It is going to be very hard to enforce any ruling about what constitutes a guilty pleasure, so it will be left entirely up to you.

We're thinking of running this up during a series of weekly events on Thursday nights.

For Round 1, there will be two or three sessions … one a week.

Contestants will be given an alias and pitched against each other at random … you will have to trust me to do this fairly.

So in the first leg, I will ask for songs in from the first group of competitors for Wednesday evening … please be prompt because then I will put them in a YouTube playlist, or write a post here with links to the tracks … so all tracks have to be available on YouTube. This list will then be sent to everyone, and people can listen ahead of the Thursday evening virtual meeting should they wish.

On the Thursday evening, we will have a meeting, probably over zoom where we will all listen to the tracks, and comment on them … probably via text chat … we will each have to play the tracks on our own devices.  We can then express our votes (a score out of 5 … decimals permitted) either during the meeting, or separately via email.

The winners will be then decided on the outcomes of those votes …

I think that is the basis of a plan … comments welcome.