Sunday, April 19, 2015

In The Run-Up To The Deadline ...

Well, I think there's about a week or so until the deadline for the votes to be submitted for the Co7ers CD, so I can't really say too much about it yet for fear of revealing my hand as it were. I can, however, post another track I considered for my cover version. Whilst we were having one of our First Thursday/CD Consortium Steering Committee sessions, in Woodseats, Neil suggested several criteria which would make a cover version worthy of his vote. I can't remember them all (which is ironic in light of the track I'm about to post), but I think points were scored for originality/unfamiliarity, for being sufficiently different to the original, and stamping the artist's identity on the song. Well this song qualifies for all of those, and in some regards, I wish I'd submitted it as it's a great song, and in my mind, an improvement over the original (which might not be that well know to people in the first place).

The song is I Can't Forget, and it's a Pixies cover of a Leonard Cohen song.

Here's the original:

I'm looking forward to the Big Reveal.
Bye for now,

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