Saturday, May 21, 2016

CD 10 - IntoXicat10n - Launch

Well, it went quiet for a while on the CD front, and yet the enthusiasm for the project remained, so we decided to relaunch with a few new members, and a charter!

As we didn't have a winner from CD 9 to select the theme for CD 10 we decided upon 'Drinking Songs' as this had been suggested in the pub. The overlap with 'Victuals' and 'Water' notwithstanding, the topic was seized upon with relish and has spawned a cracking CD.

There were 12 of us contributing this time, and so that amounted to six minutes and 40 seconds each. Because of the real possibility of only being able to select one track due to time limitation, it was decided to relax the requirement for contributions to fit with the theme, unless more than one track was offered, in which case, at least one track had to fit with the theme.

'Drinking Songs' turned out to be a fruitful topic, with many people exclusively opting to submit songs/tunes which fitted in with the theme.

I will put the track listing in a separate post - but many thanks to all who have contributed to what I think is one of our best CDs to date.

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