Thursday, February 9, 2017

1njustic3 Considerations

Before posting anything about CD 14, I thought I'd share my shortlist of tracks for CD13, in no particular order:

The Fix, Elbow - This is a really good track, and on topic, but it didn't quite sparkle enough for me to choose it - featuring Sheffield's own Richard Hawley on vocals, as well as Guy Garvey.

Where Is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas Despite being perhaps a little twee, I can't help myself from liking this song - it kind of won me over against my will.

Graffiti Limbo - Michelle Shocked Contains the lyrics: 'Graffiti Limbo, Where do you go? Graffiti Limbo, When there ain't no justice'. Highly appropriate, but didn't make it because I've put a Michelle Shocked track on previously.

Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield Not really about injustice. I was going to claim he was shot six times by a man on the run as being fairly unjust. It's not going to be new to anyone, but its a song that I love.

Luka - Suzanne Vega I think this was on Simon's shortlist too. I steered clear because Suzanne Vega had made a previous appearance.

The Trial - Pink Floyd I don't think I would have put this on, or a cover version I (and Howard) have (has) of it, but I like it a lot and would have derived a strange kind of pleasure from hearing people who weren't familiar with it, or its context grumbling, about it.

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette Considered because it contains the phrase 'It's not fair' but rejected because of the family unfriendly expletive.

Syrup and Sour Grapes - Cud Opens with the line 'There's no justice no more'. Rejected because I've put Cud on in the past.

Just A Girl - No Doubt I love the track and it's about sexism. I could possibly have put it on if my James track didn't win me over.

People are People - Depeche Mode Considered as it's about prejudice, but rejected because its too well known.

Getting Away With It - Electronic I really like the song - not much more to say really.

Out Of Line - The Bravery Good, but perhaps not massively unjust.

Bloodsport For All - Carter USM A great song about the bullying and subsequent suicide of a black soldier in the Coldstream guards - rejected because Carter USM have been on previously.

Kiss That Wealth Goodbye - Exmagician A good song from a new band I like. I probably disregarded it because I didn't think it would have mass appeal.

Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio I am not a fan of Hip Hop / Rap at all, but this song's quality manages to cut through my prejudice. Again - probably too well know to warrant selection.

The Partisan - Leonard Cohen I was tempted to put this on to commemorate Leonard Cohen, and because half of it is in French, I thought people might think it was Franck's choice.

First We Take Manhattan - R.E.M. I think I may have considered this for the Co7ers CD - it's a great cover of a great song, but R.E.M. have been on before.

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