Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CD 8 - Hydr8ed - Mick's Comments

Mick's comments to accompany the results:

Subject: CD8 AND THE WINNER IS ...

Katja - with Over My Shoulder by I AM Kloot.  Well done Katja, especially as it follows a bronze for CD7.

This won by a decent margin, followed by Neil and Chris.  I can't say I'm surprised as they're all fine tracks - not, of course, as good as mine (Robben Ford and CCR's Green River) which collected the wooden spoon and wooden spoon runner up spots - is this a record? I don't know how I do it for the money!

The two-track winner is Chris with 86 points, followed by Neil with 84 and Katja with 77.  Five players were in the 50 - 60 range, which gives support to the general impression that people regard it as a good CD.  Just to rub it in I totalled 14 points, 34 adrift of the next total.

Chris showed his knowledge of the punters' taste with a very good 8 strikes in the guessing game - a 36% success rate.

Thanks to all for excellent submissions, and now over to Neil, your next host.


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