Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CD 7 Results - Mick B's Summary

Here is a copy of Mick B's email, verbatim:

G'day Each,
All results are now in, so see the attachment.

Simon is the clear winner - sorry, no trophy - with Love Spreads (Stone Roses) which is fine as it's my top allocation.  The vote for this was unusually polarised, with four 12 pointers.  Katja (The Future Heads) was looking a cert for gold at the halfway mark, but did herself no favours by giving her 12 to Love Spreads, but nevertheless this is a remarkably successful debut with 3rd and 4th places. Chris 'Hurricane Love' Phillips is a solid silver with 8 scores averaging 7 points each.

Interestingly (or possibly not), these three also have the highest combined two-track scores, but this time Katja (98) handsomely leads Simon (85) and Chris (84).

Pete has most submitter hits with 8 correct, but if we eliminate local knowledge this drops to 6, level with Simon, leaving Neil on top with 7. Pete's innovative assignment strategy could mark a new era, with 4 guesses for Chris, 3 for Jasper, Neil and Simon, and 2, 1, or 0 for the rest of us.  Despite unspectacular scoring success, I had the consolation of topping the unpredictability chart as nobody tagged me for the Machine Head cover of The Police.

I had great difficulty in the points allocation stakes with such a variety of good stuff.  For example I found that wooden spooner Johnny Winter, who I'd never heard of, is seriously talented, but I only had 3 points left.  I guess these encounters are what it's about.

Enough of this - it's nearly on a par with election inquests.
If you want me to host another I'm very willing as I've got a stack of CD -Rs to clear.

We also need to arm-wrestle for theme selection (if we want to continue with the theme meme).
Some suggestions so far (excluding brown animals) are:
   Alphabet (two random letters assigned to each person, artists to start with these - this excludes the totally free choice option but is novel)
   Not a love song
   Steel (you can go off people, Neil!)
   Place names

And here's another.  Cerys Matthews (Saturday Guardian's Dr Crotchety), answering a question on suitable music for lakeside camping, says about water "It's precious stuff and has inspired countless songs - there's a theory that every album has a reference to it somewhere."  

Dialogue open,


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