Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Thoughts on the Co7ers Tracks

Well I know some of who put what on, but haven't yet seen a definitive list or the final scores, but I thought it might be a good time to share my thoughts on the tracks ...

1. Baby I Don't Care - I've always liked this and despite being familiar with it, gave it 2 points.
2. Because The Night - Good, but just the kind of track that I'd enjoy in the background
3. Dallas - Hmm, Blues, I find the whole genre very steady - I like the occasional song, but wouldn't want to listen to a whole load strung together. There is some great guitar playing, but in the end, no points from me.
4. Dear Prudence - I remember when this came out and all the weirdos in the arty 6th form common room tended to like Siouxsie - well I think prejudice made me dislike the track ... well luckily I got over that and came to like what I'd previously dismissed - 1 point from me - I now prefer this to the original which I used to enjoy playing and singing to myself.
5. Fake Plastic Trees - I'm going to have to say it - whilst this cover doesn't exactly pull any trees up or break new ground, I just love the song and I've tried to score things on how much I enjoy hearing them when they came on - this therefore scored 10 points from me!
6. Gagarin - This is a great track from a great album which Neil has talked about elsewhere 
The Other Side - 7 points in the end - maybe should have been more.
7. God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get) - Hmm my view on this seems to change depending on how I listen to it - through headphones I like it, through anything else it seems insubstantial. In the end, I didn't give it any points.
8. Hallelujah - Good song, and good version, but I'd still rather listen to Leonard Cohen sing it, and I find Rufus a bit too serious, not that I should let that influence me, but I have.
9. Hounds Of Love - Well, this is right up my street - love the original, but love that this is so different as to be another song entirely - 6 points.
10. Love Spreads - There's a whole story here ... I thought I had the supposedly disappointing second Stone Roses album, but I'd actually never heard this track before - love the track, love the guitar, love the Stone Roses - full 12 points from me and a mission to listen to the disappointing second album.
11. Message In A Bottle - I enjoyed listening to this, but not enough to give it any points.
12. Nowhere To Go - One of mine - see my previous post.
13. Our Lips Are Sealed - I wasn't really a fan at the time of Fun Boy Three, and that hasn't really changed.
14. Pleasant Valley Sunday - Like the original, and like this version too - I almost went for a Wedding Present cover myself - apparently they have done many. 5 points.
15. Respect - Probably like many, I knew this version before realising it was an Otis Redding cover. It's a great song and reminds of The Blues Brothers which is always a pleasant thing ... however, no points.
16. Smooth Criminal - I used to like this more than I do now. It's much better than the original, but I didn't like the original very much and let that shade my judgement - 0 points.
17. Statesboro Blues - More blues - much the same sentiment - 0 points.
18. Strange Brew - Here we go again - next (0 points by the way) [really sorry for being so dismissive and I do actually enjoy listening to these - but not as much as the others]
19. Swords Of A Thousand Men - Good version of a good song - not hugely different, but I don't mind that - 4 points
20. Thank You For The Days - Enjoyed listening - like the original a lot too which helps here - 3 points.
21. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - One of mine, see my previous post.
22. Your Ghost - Yep - really like this - Michael Stipe again? Well at least we know it's not Katja, she wouldn't put him on twice in a row ... oh, hang on! 8 points

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