Saturday, March 21, 2015

7th CD - Discussions

So, there was another meeting of the CD Consortium governing body which overlaps largely with the attendees of the traditional and immutable First Thursday session held in the local pub.

Anyway the subject of a theme for the next CD was raised, and the first big decision to make was 'Shall we have a theme or not?'. After much debate, a decision was finally avoided, but at some point in the conversation, the idea of having one themed track and one free-choice track was suggested. This was then circulated to members in an email and, insofar as one is able to tell from a limited number of replies, there was general agreement that this was a good idea.

The next big decision was then, 'What should the theme be?' and a stream of suggestions from one particular member was circulated, and by some means or other the theme of 'Cover Versions' was agreed upon.

So there we have it - the genesis of CD 7 'Co7ers'.

The 11 of us have 7 minutes seconds each. We must submit one cover track, and if there are any minutes left over, we can use them for a second 'free-choice' track.

I understand that all the submissions are now in - less than a single week after the deadline, so that's a great effort.

I am fighting the urge to write about my particular selection process so as to not give anything away about what my tracks are. I suspect that there are some people who still enjoy the aspect of guessing who selected which tracks; I know that some are less interested.

Anyway, the next CD is now being awaited with great relish ... bring it on.

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