Sunday, March 8, 2015

September 2013 - Blokes - Track Listing

September 2013 saw a new undertaking, and the wives of the existing contributors (all married men) were invited to contribute to their own CD, as an addition to the main CD.

The track list for the 'Blokes' CD is:

1 Also Sprach Zarathustra Richard Strauss
2 The Seventh Stranger Duran Duran
3 Devil In Your Shoes Shed Seven
4 Stay The Night Ghosts
5 Seek It Richard Hawley
6 1979 Smashing Pumpkins
7 Interlude I Alt-J
8 You’re Gorgeous Babybird
9 Kathy’s Song Simon & Garfunkel
10 So Good At Being In Trouble Unknown Mortal Orchestra
11 Once Was A Time I Thought Mamas And The Papas
12 Souter Creek Flook
13 Farewell Appalachia Stornoway
14 Son Of A Preacher Man Dusty Springfield
15 A Thousand Years Christina Perri
16 Older Band Of Horses
17 Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkel
18 Shapeshifter Laura Veirs
19 Ode To Billy Joe Bobby Gentry
20 Why Waltz The Christians
21 Do It Again Camera Obscura
22 On My Way Back Home Again​ Band Of Horses

This CD is a bit of an anomaly, in that 'folk' tracks had seemed to fare well on earlier CDs in terms of collecting votes - people obviously had the same thought, and the number of 'folk' tracks chosen is remarkably high, distorting the feel of the whole CD somewhat.

My contributions were 'Also Sprach Zarathustra', 'Stay The Night', 'Interlude I', 'Once Was A Time I Thought', 'Farewell Appalachia' and 'Shapeshifter'.

'Also Sprach Zarathustra' just seemed like a fitting introduction.

'Stay The Night' - well again, this was once chosen by someone else for one of our departmental CDs and I absolutely love it - I can never help myself from tapping the steering wheel along to it (when alone in the car). It doesn't seem to be universally popular though. How very odd.

'Interlude I' - I added a couple of 1 minute snippets, this being one. I just like the singing and OCD being the subject matter (I think).

'Once Was A Time I Was' - also introduced to me via a Twitter colleague.

'Farewell Appalachia' is a beautiful song by Stornoway which embeds itself into a little more each time you listen to it. An interesting feature of the song is the intro which begins with a tap which turns out to be on the fourth beat of the bar and would make it difficult to come in to. Haunting.

'Shapeshifter' - last but not least. Another case of hearing a track on 6 music, loving it straight away and then trying to get hold of the album.

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  1. Seek it, So Good At Being In Trouble, Older and Do It Again were my choices.