Sunday, March 8, 2015

CD 1 Track Listing

I don't think the first CD of the current consortium had a title as such, but the track listing is:

1 The Infanta The Decemberists
2 Fast Fuse Kasabian
3 Lightning Bolt Jake Bugg
4 Heartbeats Jose Gonzalez
5 Heart Of A Saturday Night Tom Waits
6 It Started With A Kiss Hot Chocolate
7 My Black Pages The Byrds
8 Default Django Django
9 Won’t Get Fooled Again The Who
10 Mountain Sound Of Monsters And Men
11 The Drugs Don’t Work The Verve
12 Two Step Dave Matthews Band
13 Mr Clean The Jam
14 Wrecking Ball Call The Doctor
15 Louder Than A Bomb Public Enemy
16 Turkey Song The Damned
17 The Lee Shore Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
18 It’s Only Life The Shins
19 Get Together The Youngbloods
20 For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield

My tracks on this CD being The Infanta, Heart Of A Saturday Night, and Two Step.

The Decemberists were introduced to me through the Twitter compilation CD - I loved 'We Both Go Down Together' as a track, and so bought the album and found 'The Infanta' - great opener if I do say so myself.

'Heart Of A Saturday Night' has been a favourite ever since I was introduced to Tom Waits as a 17 year old. I love the gentle tap tap rhythm and the laid back double bass - if it wasn't for the bass line, then this song wouldn't have half the appeal that it does (to me anyway).

'Two Step' was also introduced to me via a Twitter colleague - we just got talking about music on Twitter, and she told me a few of her favourite tracks, one of which was this. I think it is the over all feel and energy of the track which appeals.


  1. My tracks (as I remember) were Lightning Bolt, Default, Mountain Sound, Wrecking Ball and It's Only Life. I think Wrecking Ball was the overall winner.

  2. They were indeed. I've collated a spreadsheet, but haven't yet put the scores on it. I've also deleted your duplicate comment.