Sunday, March 8, 2015

CD 2 - Vernal Solstice - Track Listing

In a welcome (to me) alteration to the tried and tested format, one of the other contributors (let's call him Meil) offered to host the CD so that I might be able to take part in the 'who put what on' element of it. The planned deadline of Spring Equinox slipped somewhat, and hence the Vernal Solstice CD was released in the summer.

1 Ace of Spades Motorhead
2 Rockaria! ELO
3 All the Time The Strokes
4 I Always Knew The Vaccines
5 Sovereign Light Café Keane
6 GMF John Grant
7 Half the World Away Oasis
8 The Ballad of Paul Tierney Lonely Tourist
9 The Queen & the Soldier Suzanne Vega
10 St Swithin’s Day Dubstar
11 King Chicago The Bible
12 Giorgio by Moroder Daft Punk
13 After Tonight UB40
14 Broken Promises New Order
15 OK Cafe Snowdune
16 San Francisco Foxygen
17 Butterflies & Hurricanes Muse
18 It’s All in My Mind Teenage Fan Club
19 I Believe REM
20 Woody Allen Allo Darlin’

My particular contributions to this CD were 'All The Time', 'I Always Knew', 'OK Cafe' and 'Butterflies & Hurricanes'.

'All The Time' was brand new at the time I contributed it - I heard it on 6 Music and loved it right away - it thus became one of the few tracks I've bought as a single (as the album hadn't yet been released).

'I Always Knew' - another track that bounces along with great energy and a feel good factor.

'OK Cafe' - well there's a bit of a story here. I heard this track listening to BBC Introducing on Radio Sheffield one evening. I loved the overall feel to it and made a mental note to find out what it was. A bit of digging around later, I found it on Soundcloud - it wasn't available on general release, or as a download - I messaged them to ask about getting hold of it and they confirmed it wasn't available to the public. Well - I have to confess to using various bits of software to create an MP3 from the Soundcloud feed. An added bonus was the fact that people wouldn't be able to Google or Shazam the track as it had such an obscure source. Another added point of interest is that it is about a cafe I drive past pretty much every day on the way to work - situated on Abbeydale Road.

'Butterflies & Hurricanes' - Muse are one of my favourite bands, and this is my favourite of their tracks. I love the piano towards the end.


  1. GMF, The Ballard of Paul Tierney, Giorgio by Moroder, San Francisco and Woody Allen this time around for me. I think 'Ballard of...' got the popular folk vote and came out eventual winner.

  2. Ooh - a bit of controversy. I thought Pete chose GMF - your other track was Foxygen according to my list. Mind you - you hosted the CD, so I suppose you would know. We need to resolve this!