Monday, March 9, 2015

Michelle Shocked, The Live Experience!

OK, as hinted at in the previous post, a few words about Michelle Shocked. I saw her play a couple of times in Sheffield, which is saying something given that I'm not a huge gig-goer. Anyway that was all years ago. Whilst trying to get hold of 'Don't You Mess Around With My Little Sister', it became clear that Michelle doesn't allow her work on Spotify - which is entirely up to her. It also became apparent that she was due to play a gig in Sheffield ... AT THE GREYSTONES! Within walking distance! In a couple of months' time. Well I booked two tickets there and then. And then I did a bit more Googling.

It turned out that in the intervening years, Michelle had become a fundamentalist born-again Christian. Several people are. But it posed certain problems for her. Whilst in the past, she'd never stated that she was a lesbian, there was allegedly little doubt about her bi-sexual nature. This was something distinctly at odds with her new-found beliefs. Anyway, apparently, she had had something of a fall from grace. She was performing in California somewhere (to a very politically correct crowd), and something set her off on a rant against same sex marriage. The audience reacted angrily, many left, the gig was stopped by the management and the rest of the tour was cancelled. I think the media then leapt on this and she became a bit of a pariah. She then posted some very odd stuff on her web page about 'Truth vs Reality'. She also became an Internet troll against a reporter who had written an article about her. This is all a bit hazy now, but I believe that I read that she had started to have a go at an audience who had failed to appreciate some random improvised (weird) stuff that she decided to perform. Her Twitter following fell from many thousands to something like 37!!

All this odd behaviour from someone due to appear before me and my wife in an intimate setting a few weeks hence. Soon after though, the gig was cancelled.

Michelle has subsequently released an album audible only to dogs!

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