Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VIctuals - Track Listing

OK - so there followed another ad hoc meeting of the CD Consortium committee (a few of us met in the pub) and the topic of themes was again discussed. Were they a good thing? Well some seemed to favour the theme because otherwise, the choice of potential tracks was too overwhelming, and others seemed to prefer the freedom to share what they liked. Anyway, we decided to go with a theme, and for some reason, the theme of 'Food' was agreed upon.

Oh - we welcomed another new contributor - so 11 of us with 7 minutes and 16 seconds each.

Following the recent trend of sneaking the Roman numerals for the sequential number of the CD into the title, 'VIctuals' was hit upon by myself. I felt quite pleased with this until I realised that I didn't know how to pronounce the word. For me, it proved to be one of those words you only come across in written form, or if you hear it you ever, you don't associate it with the written form. I had a similar thing with albeit - to me it was pronounced 'Al-Bite' and I knew what it meant. I also knew the phrase 'all-be-it'. Lictual did I know that it is actually pronounced 'vittal'.

Anyway, the tracks ...

1 Breakfast At Tiffany's Deep Blue Something
2 Imitation Of Life R.E.M.
3 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
4 Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) My Chemical Romance
5 Bran Flakes Snuff
6 Mexican Wine Fountains Of Wayne
7 Mood Bomb Superfood
8 Digsy's Dinner Oasis
9 Deus The Sugarcubes
10 The World Turned Upside Down Dick Gaughan
11 Tangerine Led Zeppelin
12 Change Blind Melon
13 Nando's The Bar Steward Sons Of Val Doonican
14 Romeo And Juliet Dire Straits
15 Chocolate Girl Deacon Blue
16 Boilin' Pot J.J. Cale
17 White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
18 I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now John Shuttleworth
19 Addicted To Spuds Weird Al Yankovic
20 Chocolate Salty Balls South Park - Chef
21 One Meat Ball Ry Cooder
22 Peaches Presidents of the United States Of America
23 First Date Blink 182
24 I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones) Hoosier Hot Shots

Now, what is it about food that draws people to 'comedy' tracks?

OK - so the Gold, Silver and Bronze tracks were 'The World Turned Upside Down', 'I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now' and 'Mexican Wine' with the wooden spoon going to 'Bran Flakes'.

My particular tracks on this CD were 'Na na na etc.', and 'Mood Bomb'

'Na na na' - I just like it.

'Mood Bomb' - I was using my wife's car for work one week and this was 'single of the week' - I heard it a couple of times and loved it, and again was convinced it was going to win everyone over. Not so.

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  1. My thoughts on the individual tracks:

    Breakfast At Tiffany's - Well this song had to go on first after everyone had predicted that Simon would chose it. Its a great song, but over familiarity meant '0' from me.
    Imitation Of Life - A former favourite of mine which may have made it onto one or two of my own mix tapes/CDs. Just the 2 points though as not that new to me.
    Ice Ice Baby. It says something of a song when the bit you like best about it is the sample it's based on. No points from me.
    Na Na Na - So maybe it's not technically a food (nana was what I was going for).
    Bran Flakes. Slightly amusing.
    Mexican Wine - there just seem to be a lot of American bands grinding out this kind of stuff, and the pace is a bit pedestrian, but it got a point from me, and many more from other people.
    Mood Bomb - I'm glad that stuff like this is still being made.
    Digsy's Dinner - showing again that I really don't know much of Oasis's stuff. I like this, and I like the spirit in which it was written, as a Blur parody. Perhaps Blur and Oasis should have formed a super group, along the lines of McBusted. 4 points.
    Deus. I really only know 'Birthday' from The Sugarcubes' back catalogue. I love some Bjork stuff, but some leaves me cold. This is before she got really strange and is a good listen - 6 points.
    The World Turned Upside Down. Fine song - nothing wrong with it, but nothing new in it for me really - people seemed to love it or be indifferent and it won best track.
    Tangerine - I'm not sure why I don't go for this more, but I have to say it's a bit boring. 0 points.
    Change - completely new to me. I'm a bit of a sucker for an acoustic bass. 5 points.
    'Nandos' - Well despite being familiar with this, and generally against the idea of a comedy song, I can't help but love it each time I hear it. Love the lyrics. Have to give it 8 points.
    'Romeo And Juliet' - love the song - VERY familiar with it though. Despite my attempt to spin it as 'Romeo and Julie ate' - it's not about food is it? 0 points.
    'Chocolate Girl' - familiarity and an aversion to slide guitar mean 0 points.
    'Boilin' Pot' - I love J.J. Cale and hadn't heard this particular track. 7 points.
    'White Winter Hymnal' - Beautiful - wonderful to listen to through headphones - the reverb on the voices absolutely makes it. 12 - points.
    'I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now' well wouldn't you know it. Just after I'd said about not being a fan of comedy songs, along comes this absolute belter. I can't help but love it. It is clearly the comedy that appeals rather than the music, but maybe I'm learning something. 10 points from me!
    'Addicted To Spuds' ah! That's why I don't like comedy songs.
    'Chocolate Salty Balls' - there's a place for this, and it's squarely in the middle of a South Park episode where it shone brightly. Quite a good groove actually, but nil points.
    'One Meat Ball' completely new to me and I can't for the life of me remember why I gave it 3 points - it's OK, but not sparkling.
    'Peaches' I just misread the spreadsheet then and thought I'd given this 6 points and was trying to justify it. I do quite like it, but it fits the generic American teen rock category. 0 points
    'First Date' as above really.
    'I Like Bananas' this one is a tough one to comment on really as it is a genre I would never listen to. There's some great swanee whistle playing in it and a nice middle 8. In a funny way, I would compare it to Bran Flakes - it is slightly amusing to listen to, but I wouldn't ever pick it out to listen to.