Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Transition To The Current Consortium

The Departmental CD ran for 10 years or so with titles such as 'The Odd Collection', 'The Odder Collection', 'The Ultimate Odd Collection Volume II' etc. and whilst people always enjoyed receiving the completed disc, the enthusiasm in participating slipped somewhat in terms of getting contributions in on time, actually listening to the finished CD, and getting voting forms in on time. So, I decided it was time to try other avenues and introduced the CD to the card school I play in at work. This spawned a couple of efforts, but again suffered from a couple of indifferent contributors. I even tried the project with a bunch of Twitter friends.

Eventually, I decided to start the thing off again with people who were enthusiastic about the idea of sharing music, and the current consortium was formed - initially with an elite group of five people. There are now 11 contributors, and others expressing an interest in joining in, but the space on a CD is limited to 80 minutes, which equates to 7 minutes and 16 seconds each.

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