Monday, March 9, 2015

The Year Of The Horse - Track Listing

There was a slight departure from the formula for previous CDs in this instance, in that contributors could, if they so wished, choose a theme to link their tracks. Of course there was never anything in the rules to stop this for previous CDs, but the addition of a possible theme gave the act of choosing who put what songs on resemble a 'Wall' puzzle from 'Only Connect' with many possible connections being there.

This CD also saw the number of contributors rise to 6 - or 13 minutes and 20 seconds each.

1 Imigrant Song Led Zeppelin
2 I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys
3 Avant Gardner Courtney Barnett
4 Don't You Mess Around With My Little Sister Michelle Shocked
5 Ripcord Radiohead
6 Both Sides Of The Story Phil Collins
7 Into The Light Peter Gabriel
8 (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing Field Music
9 Riptide Vance Joy
10 Hey! Wire Cud
11 Formed A Band Art Brut
12 500 Miles Proclaimers
13 I Don't Like Mondays Boomtown Rats
14 Spirit The Waterboys
15 Ballad Of An Ordinary Man Christie Moore
16 Tuesday Morning The Pogues
17 Les Enfants Celeste
18 Hindu Times Oasis
19 Staring At The Sun Rooster
20 A Thousand Trees Stereophonics
21 Royals Lorde
22 Cars Gary Numan
23 Colourspill I Monster

My particular tracks were 'Don't You Mess Around With My Little Sister', 'Hey! Wire' and 'Colourspill'. No link from me.

I was introduced to Michelle Shocked at university and having loved 'Short Sharp Shocked', was a little disappointed by the follow-up album 'Captain Swing', but 'Don't You Mess Around With My Little Sister' stood out as a cracking track demanding to be liked, despite my tendency towards indifference towards Rock 'n' Roll. There is a side-story to go with Michelle Shocked which will fill another post.

'Hey! Wire' was a favourite Cud track from my first years in Sheffield - another one I thought everyone would love, but was proved wrong.

'Colourspill' was heard as background music on a 'Dynamo' TV show. I'm not sure if I used Shazam or Googling of obscure lyrics, but managed to track it down in the end. The band turned out to be I Monster, and further research found them to be based in Nether Edge. This song was taken from an album of I Monster rarities - which probably makes it very rare indeed. Lovely trippy chorus.


  1. History Eraser (Courtney Barnett), (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing (Field Music) and Formed A Band (Art Brut) were my choices. I seem to remember Riptide and Ballard of an Ordinary Man doing well, but I think History Eraser came out top.

  2. Why is 'History Eraser' called 'Avant Gardner' in my track listing?