Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TraVel - Track Listing

Well this time, we went for the idea of a theme full on, and were asked to contribute songs based on the theme of travel. It was left to individuals to interpret this as best they saw fit.

Two more contributors were also introduced, leading to a grand total of 8 minutes each.

It may have been this CD, it may have been the previous one, but a new scoring model was introduced. This time, contributors had to award a Eurovision style score to the favourite tracks - hence handing out 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 accordingly (but not for their own tracks).

This project was probably one of the longest from conception through to completion that we've had, and a tactical transfer of responsibility was required to bring it to completion.

1 I'm Mandy Fly Me 10CC
2 The Day We Caught The Train Ocean Colour Scene
3 The Passenger Iggy Pop
4 Michiko Sultans of Ping FC
5 Sally MacLennane The Pogues
6 Kill The Fun Haley Bonar
7 Traintime [Live] Cream
8 We All Went Down With The Ship Ed Harcourt
9 The Outdoor Type Lemonheads
10 Philadelphia Standard Fare
11 Crosstown Traffic Jimi Hendrix
12 Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel Barenaked Ladies
13 Urge For Going Joni Mitchell
14 Red Hill Mining Town U2
15 Reservoir Metronomy
16 American Interior Gruff Rhys
17 Hold On We're Going Home Drake
18 Parachutes Coldplay
19 Telephone Call From Istanbul Tom Waits
20 Road To Hell Chris Rea
21 Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne

The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for best tracks went to: 'The Outdoor Type', 'Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel', and 'Urge For Going'. 'Hold On We're Going Home' scooped the wooden spoon.

My particular tracks were 'Kill The Fun' and 'We All Went Down With The Ship'

'Kill The Fun' was one of those serendipitous findings - I was travelling back from football, discussing the current CD project with the guy hosting the project this time round (let's call him Meil), and listening to 6 Music as I was in my wife's car for once, and this song came on. I loved it instantly, and caught the word 'travelling' in one of the verses. The decision was made there and then - and then came along a familiar problem. How to get hold of the bloomin' thing. It wasn't available in this country. It was available as a download from their website, in the States. Well I just bit the bullet and bought a copy through their website even though I wasn't in the States, and the download code was emailed to me accordingly. Phew. Another track I was convinced would win - I was sure it had universal appeal. It came one point behind the 'Bronze' position. Oh well.

'We All Went Down To The Ship' is from and EP by Ed Harcourt that I found on Spotify - I love the EP, and I love this track, especially the chorus. I'm not too sure about the bass line in the verse - something not quite right about it.

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  1. I thought I'd maybe add my thoughts on other people's tracks as a comment to try that out.

    'I'm Mandy Fly Me' - this was actually new to me, and despite myself, I found myself really enjoying it and ended up giving it 8 points.
    'The Day We Caught The Train' is a great song, but suffered from over familiarity and got no points from me.
    'The Passenger' - again a great song, but very familiar to me and hence no points, although it does stand repeat playing more than Ocean Colour Scene for some reason.
    'Michiko' - new to me, and right up my street - hence 10 points.
    'Sally MacLennane' - what's not to like, but again suffering from over-familiarity - I did give it 1 point.
    'Traintime [live]' - well this got a bit of a slating, but I never found myself skipping it. It certainly captured the essence of a big old steam train - but not one I'd choose to listen to if I could help it. Nil points.
    'The Outdoor Type' - well this was new to me - I could relate to it somewhat and it bounced along nicely. 5 points.
    'Philadelphia' - well I'd actually seen this live with the contributor, so it scored no novelty points from me and ended up getting only 2 points. It maybe lost some points because I don't give much credence to the statement that global warming is getting her down because it's making the oceans wider and therefore keeping her further from her lover. If she were to fly, the level of the ocean would make no difference.
    'Crosstown Traffic' - good song - very familiar - nil points.
    'Tonight is the night ...' - loved it. Loved the clever lyrics, the 6/8 fairground feel and the melody - 7 points.
    'Red Hill Mining Town' - very familiar, and possibly one of my least favourite tracks from a superb album. 0 points.
    'Reservoir' - I have this album and like it - 5 points despite me knowing it - it's not yet become massively familiar.
    'American Interior' - a great song, completely new to me, but there's just something not quite right about using the phrase 'American Interior' for the refrain - a bit awkward sounding. 3 points
    'Hold On We're Going Home' - OKish, new to me, but not really my thing - nil points.
    'Parachutes' - a space filler I expect - pleasant enough, but not worthy of any points (from me).
    'Telephone Call From Istanbul' - well I like some Tom Waits stuff, but some of his stuff mystifies me. This one is just a bit mad.
    'Road To Hell' - very familiar, but I still enjoyed listening to it each time - perhaps deserved a point or two, but didn't get one.
    'Crazy Train' - somehow new to me, and I just loved the guitar riff in the intro, and in the verse too I suppose. Something compelled me to give this the full 12 points.